When we talk about SEO, one of the main points to analyze on a website is the images that the website has. Do you know how to optimize the images of your company website?

Why optimize my site images?

I imagine you know the importance of SEO for websites, but for the rest, I suggest you read this article where we talk about it. And one of the most important points in this strategy is the images, because efficient image optimization work is capable of:

  • dramatically reduce page loading time;
  • rank your site images in search engine image search;
  • Be a differential factor that can influence the positioning of the site in relation to the competition.

When we do the correct optimization of website images, this makes them lighter and takes much less time to load. Therefore, this is essential for Google, because directly impacts user experience.

After all, nobody likes to open a page on a website and have to wait forever for all the images to be displayed, right?

In addition, when we do this optimization, it is possible to classify the figure in question in the Google image search, which can generate new organic accesses, through image search.

Why optimize my site images
Why optimize my site images

Another important point is that, when it comes to organic positioning, the sites compete directly for the best positions, with the term searched by the user. Therefore, Google analyzes the entire site and checks whether good practices have been implemented.

Practical example

Based on this idea, imagine the following situation:

Site “A” performs almost all good optimization practices, meta titles are well prepared, meta descriptions are good, URLs are friendly, and page load times are fast.

Site “B” also implemented all the good practices as Site A, but with the difference that they did the optimization of the images correctly.

When Google Crawler reads the two sites, it will make a comparison between the two, and since the two are very similar, optimized images can make a difference. Therefore, site “B” will be ranked higher than site “A”!

How to optimize the images for SEO?

file name

The image optimization process happens before the image is uploaded to the site, many people put random names on the images, for example: imagem1.png or img2.jpeg, and one of the best practices we recommend is rename the image with relevant terms for your business and the page where the image will be inserted.

So, based on that, an example of a name that we can put in the case of a virtual store that sells playstation 4 control can be control-ps4.png.

File extension

The type of image file chosen is also essential to optimize the images on the site, because Google does not recommend .jpeg and .png files, since they are files that are harmful to the loading of pages, slowing down the site.

Alternatively, we indicate use state-of-the-art image formats such as WebP and Jpeg2000, images in these formats load faster, improving the load time of the page as a whole and improving the user experience.

If you have a WordPress site and you can’t upload new images, there are plugins that compress them. An example of a widely used plugin is the Smush, which can be used in the free version, and it also has a paid version, with some more features.

However, for WordPress sites it is not recommended to have a lot of plugins installed, so the ideal is to send the images in the formats recommended by Google.

There are some sites that convert images to new formats for free, among which we recommend:

Title Attribute

The title attribute allows you to enter a full description of what the image is abouthowever, writing long texts is not recommended. Furthermore, it is the title generated by the tooltip, that is, a “box” that appears when you place the mouse over an image.

Title Attribute on images
Title Attribute on images

Alt attribute

The main purpose of the Alt attribute is to provide an alternative description for the image in question. Here, it is extremely important that fill it with the main keyword chosen to position themselves with the company, and separated by a dash.

So, thinking about the example we talked about earlier, about the page that sells the playstation 4 control, an example of an alt attribute that must be inserted could be: cps4 ontrole + your-brand.

Now, just implement all the tips and techniques that we talk about throughout this article on your website images, so I’m sure this will help you stand out from the competition and bring a lot of profit to your business.

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