Whoever seeks to improve the visibility of the company in the organic results of the internet, should know that the IF HE (search engine optimization) is indispensable to your strategy, but if you want to further expand your online presence, international SEO becomes the best option!

With the, there are no barriers to reaching more audiences! But does it work for any company? And how to put it into practice? These and other questions will be answered throughout the text.

I hope you like it. Good reading!

What is international SEO?

We can define International SEO as the process of optimization of your website, so that Search engines can identify which countries you want to reach and the languages ​​you use in business..

This belongs to me optimize a geo-targeted site, to attract traffic not only from your city, state or country, but also from different countries and languages.

That’s vital for any company interested in internationalizing their company, this process will help increase your competitiveness, consolidate the product / service or brand, Y gain scale by reducing costs.

Best international SEO practices

We separate some tips that can be applied on your website right now, check and master international SEO!

Audience analysis

You must understand well How are the users in the different countries that interest you. Some points that deserve to be highlighted are the language, the search engines they use, the level of Internet access, what devices they use to access the Internet, among others.

Competition study

Paying attention to your competitors is very important, as guarantees a new vision of what is feasible or not. Here, it is worth studying brands from different countries, to understand what content is offered to the public in that region.

Keyword selection

To determine what content to create, you must perform an international keyword search. But don’t forget that a search term in one country may not have the same impact as in another.

Content adaptation

As I already mentioned, the population of different countries experiences different realities, this means that the issues that your company addresses must be in accordance with local interests.

A special tip here is to avoid the “automatic content translation” technique.as spelling errors can occur that compromise the quality of the content.

Web structure

Speaking now of the technical part, we will understand more about the Domains. Is it necessary to create a new website for each country? Check the options below and choose the most suitable for your brand:

Different domains

When I speak of different domains, each domain is indexed independently.

For example: hubify.es, hubify.uk, hubify.cl, etc.

This is the simplest option, but the site will start with zero authority in a new country, as the authority of the parent domain will not be shared. Therefore, This strategy involves multiplying your efforts for each domain you have at the SEO level.

I recommend that you hire a hosting with servers located in the different countries you go to.


Here, you would choose subdomains like es.hubify.com, en.hubify.com, cl.hubify.com, etc. In this strategy, you would have a main domain and another subdomain for each country, this it also means increasing SEO efforts for each subdomain.

It is worth mentioning that accommodation must be the same for all countries, but you can use Content Delivery Network or CDN, which are servers located all over the world and on which there is a copy of your website. In this way, depending on the country in which the user is located, a different copy of the site will be offered, so that the loading speed is higher and this will benefit you at an SEO level.

PS: this rule also applies to subdirectories that we will talk about next!


This strategy is based on hubify.com/es/, hubify.com/uk/, hubify.com/cl/, where The main domain authority will be distributed, so there is no need to start from scratch and not have to spend more time on SEO management.. However, this alternative can be more difficult to manage and the loading time is likely to be slower.

The importance of the Hreflang tag

By having a multilingual website, you need to be vigilant and meet Google’s requirements to avoid harm. One tip is to implement the Hreflang tag: rel = ”alternate” hreflang = ”x”.

It’s over there helps Google understand that there are different URLs with the same content, but translated or oriented to users in different countries. This way, you can identify the language and region of the alternate URL.

To implement it, sand you have a website translated into different languages, you will need to add the following tag in each version:

In the Spanish version, it must include:

This is also true for the other versions, for example the French:

If your site is in the same language, but is directed to different countries, in each version you must include the following tag:

Link building

To be relevant in the countries we are targeting, it is very important to make a link building strategy, that is, get quality links to the countries or languages ​​you want to rank in.

The purpose of link building is create high-quality referrals for your site, linking it to high-authority sites. But stay tuned and avoid backlinks from sites with high spam scores as they can harm you.

On the other hand, it is very important that the sites you get backlinks from belong to your niche. This can be done with guest post, in which you find an interesting domain and both share your content.


In general, you Search engines tend to favor local content in their results.and geolocation is essential to determine the geographical position of the user.

You can choose content distribution, in which a set of servers at different points on the network use local copies of certain content, these are stored on other remote servers.

There is also the physical geolocation of the accommodationProviders here allow you to choose where you want to locate each hosting plan on your site, as they present the data center in multiple countries.

But, if you still prefer something simpler, you can opt for local indicators such as phone numbers of the destination country or specific contact forms.

I am sure that the international expansion of your company will now materialize! And if you are interested, we have a blog article on SEO for continuity on the subject.

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