Frequently asked questions.

1.What is Best Indexer?

Best Indexer is a link indexing tool. We helps search engines discover your backlinks (links from other websites pointing to yours) and this helps your website rank higher for important keywords.

2.How do we work?

We have several spider providers that use Google’s robot. We buy large link packages in order to make prices accessible to small businesses.

The process to upload your links is very simple:

  1. Enter a name for the campaign
  2. Upload your URL’s or paste them into the box.
  3. Select how many days you want the URL’s to be indexed.
  4. Click on the Send URL button

3.Why is indexing important?

One of the most important factors when it comes to ranking well in Google and other search engines is having backlinks to your site, and for this it is important that Google is aware of these backlinks. So you need to make sure that the search engines discover all your backlinks.

4.Is our service compatible with all types of links?

It works  with all types of links, be it an article, social profile, forum profile, video, infographic, website… with any url.

5.How long does it take to index links?

Normally within 24-48 hours all your links will be indexed. However you can select the indexing time on our platform, from 1 to 5 days.

We have verified in our tests that links are found by ahrefs in as little as 5 days.

You can check if your website has received the inbound link with  ahrefs free version.

6.Can the process negatively affect my website?

Definitely NOT – but you should be aware that it may not be a good idea to index 1,000 backlinks in a week. The perception by Google should be as natural as possible.

What can affect you more is the quality of the incoming link. Do not use websites with a high Spam Score.

You can check the quality of a website with the MOZ tool.

7.Payments and monthly subscription

When I make a payment, do I automatically subscribe to a monthly subscription?

NO, payments are individual and will not be renewed unless you tell us to do so.
If you want your subscription to renew automatically, please write to us at [email protected] and we will enable recurring payments.

7.Why hasn't my link been indexed?

The complexity of how search robots work makes it difficult to give a quick answer. The problems you are likely to encounter are :

  • HTTP errors on the indexed site: 404, 500.
  • Copy paste protection in pages.
  • The website is blocking the search engine boots.


7.Do you offer refunds?

No, we don’t offer refunds.

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