Learn about the main metrics of website development

Learn about the main metrics of website development

Have a site is critical to the success of your brand, it is Through it, your strategy gains strength, either to sell the product / service, or to provide information about them. Therefore, it is essential that you know the best practices so that it is efficient and agile, ensuring that the user is satisfied […]

Check all the necessary elements to have a secure website!

Ensuring the security of the site, by adopting strong passwords, using security tools and incorporating an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate to the page is one of the best practices of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and the the best way to maintain compliance with the legislation. A secure website is important to ensure the online […]

Google Page Experience: Learn All About the New Google Update

Recently, the Google reported the release of an update, which promises to shake up the structures of the world of IF HE, This is the Google page experience. It is not news that build a website, one of the main points to analyze is the user experience, that is, provide the best you can for […]

Find out which posting frequency is ideal for your blog!

If you have come this far, it is because you still feel that indecision when it comes to knowing what the problem is. publication frequency sure of your content to attract the audience, isn’t it? Knowing the best way to share your posts is more than essential as they can impact your marketing strategy, and […]

Google Bert: Understand the Effects of Google’s New Algorithm on SEO

Gone are the times when when people looked for some kind of service or product, they turned to phone books. Nowadays, when we have any type of doubt, it is enough to use our smartphones or computers to perform a search on Google. Through it we can obtain any type of information in a few […]

Reach more audiences with international SEO!

Whoever seeks to improve the visibility of the company in the organic results of the internet, should know that the IF HE (search engine optimization) is indispensable to your strategy, but if you want to further expand your online presence, international SEO becomes the best option! With the, there are no barriers to reaching more […]

How to generate qualified traffic to your website

How to generate qualified traffic to your website

Managing a business website can be challenging as you need to develop a good strategy to convert visitors into qualified traffic with users who are genuinely interested in your product or service. And that goes for both cases, be it an institutional website or an e-commerce. Here, Digital marketing can help you, with some techniques […]

External link: understand how it enriches your brand!

External link: understand how it enriches your brand

You may not believe it, but the External link in the texts is a fundamental requirement of SEO to get the best positions in the search engines. And that is valid both for those who use links from other domains, and for those who offer their own. This should not be a surprise, after all, […]

What is the relationship of website images to SEO?

The relationship of website images to SEO

When we talk about SEO, one of the main points to analyze on a website is the images that the website has. Do you know how to optimize the images of your company website? Why optimize my site images? I imagine you know the importance of SEO for websites, but for the rest, I suggest […]