Do you still think it´s not necessary one website indexer?

Now that google indexer site have limits in Search Console, one url site indexer and backlink indexer is essential.

Our indexer is the Best and Fast way to index your site url´s and backlinks.

Indexing your backlinks has never been so fast and cheap

Best Indexer is the ultimate crawler. We will make your backlinks faster than ever.

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Fully automated

Processing is fully automated and search engines will start crawling your links immediately.

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Easy to use

No learning curve. Simply upload your links, select How soon do you want indexing and we will do the rest.

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Effective and secure

Each project is saved as a campaign. You can add an unlimited number of campaigns. How to use our backlinks Indexer.

Choose the plan that best suits your needs


1.000 urls

1 Week


5.000 URLS

1 month


10.000 URLS

1 month

Indexing your backlinks has never been so fast and cheap

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Our indexer is compatible with all browsers.

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Highest Indexing Effectiveness Rate

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Proven results indexing backlinks pages

How to use our backlinks Indexer.

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Select your subscription

Select your package, weekly or monthly. You decide the plan that best suits your needs.

Our SEO tip: indexing 1,000 links in a couple of days may not be a good idea.


Upload your files

Upload a document with one url per line, it couldn’t be simpler.

Well, it can be easier, copy and paste your backlinks to be indexed in the space provided.

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website indexer


Program the indexing

Select how many days you want them to be indexed. You decide when and how.

Our SEO tip: Split your links during your billing period, the more natural the process seems the better.



The best SEO plan is to combine good content with a good strategy.

Our SEO tip: get your website linked to pages with the same content as yours.

website indexer
website indexer

Fisrt page is the limit

Why is it so important.. a fast indexer?

As good SEO practices, most users focus on quality content and internal linking, not forgetting of course the indexing of inbound links.

But how long does it take Google to detect and index all the changes? You might be surprised to know that for internal content it can take more than two weeks, and the process of indexing backlinks can take months.

SEO Tips

Frequently asked questions

First, the Google bot or other search engine will do the crawl. That is, it will analyze your content according to all the elements to be considered to see what value to give it and where to position it.

Secondly, it will be time to index it. According to the valuation obtained in the crawling process, it will receive a higher or lower position.

Finally, it is time for the ranking. That is, when a user accesses the search engine and enters the keyword ‘pet food’, Google or any other engine will show a series of results, the SERPs. Depending on what was first analyzed during the crawl, you will appear indexed sooner or later. If you achieve a good rank, you could be on the first page of results, a basic element for your content to receive visits and, therefore, a great web traffic associated with the option of converting those visits into sales. Otherwise, it will be difficult for users to find your website.